Our Model

We Learn From Success: Our school is inspired by the success of the education reform movement in the US. Schools like KIPP and Uncommon Schools have proven what is possible in low-income communities. We are building a school that leverages many of their effective practices in a way that is consistent with the South African context. These practices include:

More Time: Kgololo Academy has an extended day programme which runs from 7:30-3:30 M-TH and from 7:45-2:30 on Friday. More time allows Kgololo Academy scholars to receive 25% more instructional hours than scholars at most public and private schools in South Africa. More time also provides us the opportunity to provide scholars with two healthy meals and one healthy snack and build in extra-murals such as Art, Yoga, Drama, and Cricket into the school day.

Rigorous AND Culturally Relevant Curriculum: Kgololo Academy’s foundational beliefs around curriculum are to replicate what works by following the data. We use Common Core State Standards from the United States as the data suggests that they lead to better outcomes. Scholars learn in a space where their voices, culture, language, values, and life experiences are valued by their peers and teachers. In our learning space scholars are pushed to be critical thinkers and are challenged to recognize and address injustice in the world. As part of our drive to be rigorous and relevant, all Kgololo Academy scholars engage in a dual language programme conducted in isiZulu and English.

Family Engagement: At Kgololo Academy, families are engaged as partners in their child’s education. All families commit to volunteer hours and Kgololo Academy hosts frequent events that provide families with opportunities to learn how to support their child’s academic and social growth.

Talent Development: Kgololo Academy believes in empowering both scholars and teachers with the knowledge that they need to excel. At Kgololo Academy, all instructional staff members receive on average close to 300 minutes of professional development inclusive of classroom observations, feedback and training. is also supported through the following Kgololo Academy is a part of an international network of high performing, university preparatory schools in the United States, Chile, Mexico, and South Africa known as The One World Network of Schools.