Tuition and Fees

Grade R – Grade 3

R 950 per month x 11 months
*R 1 500 Annual Supply Fee

First Steps

Kgololo Academy is an open-enrollment academy and students are accepted on a first come, first serve basis. Parents or guardians interested in having their scholar attend Kgololo Academy should submit the Kgololo Academy Application for Admission, which must be accompanied by the following:

Item 1
Certified Copy of Child’s Birth Certificate
Item 2
Copy of Medical Notes/Prescriptions for all learners on chronic medication
Item 3
Copy of official immunization card, or proof confirming immunization against polio, measles, tuberculosis, diphtheria, tetanus, and hepatitis B
Item 4
Proof of residential address, in parents name, such as statement of Rates, Water and Lights, Telephone or Store account, etc. (This should be the address where the school can visit you if needed)
Item 5
R300 Non-Refundable Application Fee (Proof of payment)
Item 6
R1500 Non-Refundable Annual Supply Fee

Please note that all of the above must be received to secure a space for your scholar.

Next Steps

Upon receipt of your complete application, Kgololo Academy will reserve a space for your child for the next school year.
The Application Fee and the Annual Supply Fee should be paid into the following bank account:

Bank: Standard Bank
Account name: Kgololo Academy NPC
Account number: 420 982 469
Branch / Branch code: 019205