Why Kgololo Academy

Kgololo Academy is a combined low-fee private school. We currently serve 144 across grades R-2. Over the next 10 years, Kgololo Academy will grow into an R-12 school serving over 1500 scholars. Kgololo Academy’s mission is to provide scholars from the Alexandra Township with access to a world class education at an accessible cost.
Laying the groundwork for children to succeed and then standing back and letting them shine is one of Kgololo Academy’s principles that I am profoundly proud off as a founding board member and parent at the School. The School has the ability to unleash the drive, dedication and desire in all its scholars to succeed. Not only is my little boy learning, he is confident and has faith in himself and his abilities. The stakes are high for South Africa to improve the quality of education and I believe that Kgololo Academy offers the best education which will result in producing great leaders not only for the community of Alexandra but for the country.
– Pabi’s Mom, Class of 2030

A Belief that ALL of us will Learn

We believe in the unlimited potential of ALL scholars. We implement an inclusive education model where students with barriers to learning learn alongside students that without those same barriers. All students with barriers to learning will have a student success plan that includes goals and metrics. Parents are engaged in the process and are engaged in the creation and execution of the plan. We embrace the challenge of working with scholars with diverse learning needs.

Driven Educators

Kgololo Academy puts prospective educators through a rigorous interview process designed to ensure that all scholars are taught by a qualified, compassionate, and driven educator who believes in the unlimited potential of ALL children. Kgololo Academy teachers are committed to excellence and make a promise to all families that they will do whatever it takes to ensure that all scholars succeed!

Social & Emotional Support

Our source of inspiration in the US, KIPP School’s research over the last 20 years, tells us that the number one cause of student struggle in university and in adult life is unresolved emotional conflict. Thus, we are committed to providing social and emotional support early and intensively to our scholars. We are committed to having 1 therapist for every 200 students and our services are available for families as well.